Life of a Lifelong Learner

The reason I call myself a lifelong learner is because that’s exactly what I am. From the moment I was born to moment when I die, I will still be learning. I will be learning new skills, new experiences, new words, and so much more. The world if changing so often there is no you can ever stop learning. The diversity in the world also allows for opportunities to learn about someone else’s life, life style, or culture. I think as a teacher it is important to remember that I do not know everything and I will be learning something new everyday, whether it be from my students or the experiences that take place. As I grew older I will be learning about finances, marriage, and children.

It’s amazing to think of all the things that I have already learned in my 21 years. Sports has been a huge impact in my life from the time I was five years old. I played just about every sport and learned so much knowledge and skills. Not only did I learn about the sport itself and the rules, but I learned about other skills that are accompanied through activities. Teamwork, work ethic, and leadership are just some of the other skills I have acquired from playing sports.

I can’t think of any specific assignments or projects, but I know whenever I complete an assignment and get feedback I learn something that I either did good, bad, or both. Either way, I learn something from those assignments. Even though the assignments that turn out poorly are hard to swallow, sometimes those are the greatest learning moments. That’s when I reflect on what I did alright and what I need to work on to improve for next time. Teaching experiences do the same thing for me. Some lessons go well and you know what to do right for next time, or the lesson doesn’t go very smoothly and you need to critique it for next year.

I work for the Rapid City Parks and Recreation Summer Camps and that has definitely been a learning experience for me. Last summer was my first season being the head supervisor so it was very challenging. There were times where I wanted to pull my hair out because everything that could possibly go wrong would all in one day. I learned a lot about patience and control. Being their friend but also an authority figure was hard for some of the kids to handle. Just like lessons in school, I would make up activities and crafts for the kids to do for our free time. Again, some worked out awesome, and others crashed and burned. When it comes to different ages and personalities sometimes it was hard to find activities for every one. Now that I have done it for a year, I have learned how to tweak and make things more accommodating for everyone, and to give options to them.

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  1. Taylor, I think your outlook on life is amazing. There are so many different learning opportunities out there to take advantage of, and it would be sad not to take advantage of them! One of my professors – who happens to be one of my favorites – really lectured us on this exact concept. In so many words, he said that learning doesn’t have to take place inside a classroom, and that we should keep learning even though we may eventually graduate and not take any more classes. The world really is full of awesome opportunities to learn and grow as a person, and we should do as you do and take full advantage of them, whether that be in sports, teaching, or anything else!


    1. Thank you for your great comments! I think that everyday an opportunity to learn presents itself in one way or another. I think sometimes it may be hard to realize it at the time but it’s true. Yes learning goes on inside the classroom, but there are so many ways to keep learning outside and I think that is a good message to pass on to the little ones especially when it comes summer time. Let them know that learning doesn’t have to stop!


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