Are you digitally literate?


What does digital literacy mean? Literacy is to be able to read and write, so is digital literacy the ability to read and write digitally? Well, that’s not exactly right. There are many different meanings and parts that make it up. One definition from University Library (, says that digital literacy is the ability to use technology, communication tools, and networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information. It mean to able to use a multitude of formats and resources. This day and age has aural, visual, and digital to be included in literacy. There are many different components that go into it. Some include, join in communications, accessing the Internet, being able to edit and manage digital media, and engaging in online communications and information. I like to think that I am pretty technology savoy, therefore I should be digitally literate. Being in the field of education, I am learning about so many different resources, sites, apps, and many different media tools. Once I have perfected the use of the digital media, I can then use it to better me students or to enhance my lessons to provide better opportunities to learn. As the technology increases as we grow it’s important that I know how to use it, but also so that my students will be equipped to succeed with the digital tools. Of course, there are always pitfalls to using digital media, but it’s a wonderful tool when used correctly. When teaching my students about digital media I want to teach them how to used it correctly and how they could get caught up in unreliable sources. The older generations in my family are not as digitally literate as the younger generations are. Whenever my grandma can’t figure out a program on her computer, she gets one of her grandchildren on the phone right away. Why is it so important for digital literacy if they’ve grown up without all of this fancy stuff. Digital literacy is a 21st century skill. Most jobs that you apply for they ask for extra skills so you can flaunt all the great things you can do digitally. Not only is it apart of our culture now but we need to take advantage of the opportunities it provides for the present and the future. There are many social, challenging, and learning experiences that come from being digitally literate.


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  1. tessgorsuch says:

    Taylor, you did some great research on Digital Literacy. I especially liked when you talked about your grandma calling one of the grandchildren to help her when she doesn’t know something, because my grandparents do the same thing! Even my parents do it sometimes. That is why it is so important that we teach our students good digital literate skills so that they will not be behind when they get older.


    1. That’s great. My mom just called me about 30 minutes ago to see if I could help her with something technological. There are so many great resources to use, so even learning the basics of technology would be great for them.


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