Passion Based Learning

25 Ways to Institute Passion-Based Learning in the Classroom


I chose this article because the title interested me. I think this is lacking in the classroom so it’s always good to learn how to create a better education like, how to provide opportunities for passion based learning.

We all know students learn better and are more likely to participate and enjoy what they are learning if they are interested in it. That’s why a lot of students do not like reading, because a lot of the time they are forced to read something they most likely won’t enjoy. When students are given choices, they think that they have a say in their education. When students are attached to something emotionally, the brain triggers and all sorts of creations and explorations happen.

I enjoyed this article because it provided 25 ways to encourage passion-based learning. I am just going to share some of my favorites.

  1. Share your own passions with your students.

It’s like being a model  for them because when you show enthusiasm and determination about something, they most likely will want to do the same.

2. Value all passions equally.

3. Let students share their passions.

Students like everyone to know their accomplishments and what’s going on with  them. By sharing their passions maybe other students will try and find something like that so they can be passionate about something.

4. Connect student’s passions to real-world applications.

Student love when something they are learning can be beneficial outside of the classroom.

5. Set time aside to let passions flourish.


My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning


I also chose this article just based on the title. It’s interesting to read about real life situations and how people apply this concept to their classroom. Come to find out her story was something similar to our Independent Learning Project. She gave her students the option to do their own Personal Passion Project. Her class was so enthusiastic about this type of homework.

She said it was a learning process for her because there was not much information on how to go about this type of project. Just like we have been doing with our blogs, her students collaborated, supported, and encourage their classmates through their projects.

The students did many different activities and projects, but all of them were still solving real life problems and gaining a deeper understanding of their passion.

When I become a teacher I would really like to allow my students to do something like this. Of course, it will have to follow some kind of standards, but I think this would be a great project for the students but also for me as a teacher to learn about my students and their passions.


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  1. angelique130 says:

    I liked your blog and what you had to say! You made a good example about students doing things if they like it. I think allowing students to do an individual learning project in your classroom is a great idea! I would like to do the same in my classroom.



    1. Especially after learning how effective it can be in other classrooms, especially in the younger grades. I think it would have to have a little more structure but I think it would be a great idea to try in the classroom!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. angelique130 says:

        Yes!! Definitely something try!!


  2. Finding out what your students like and what their passions are make a huge difference in the classroom. We can tailor our teaching to what students enjoy and usually there are more then one student who enjoys the same things, being the same age and all. It makes a big difference when they are learning to what they already know and understand about the world, to what they like. I enjoyed reading your ideas!


    1. I think this is one way to cater to differentiated instruction. Thank you! Hopefully some day I can try it and see the excitement the students get!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think we should take a look at some point this semester at what learning standards are actually met by our independent learning projects–I know the answer is many!


    1. I think so too! That would be some great data to have when I want to use them in my class.


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