The Struggle is Real

To update on my Independent Learning Project, it’s not going quite how I would like it to yet. It’s been a rough week and very busy to say the least. I’m not trying to make excuses because life doesn’t care and will not stop for you and just keeps moving forward. I would say that this wasn’t a great week for my project at all. I know it’s just the beginning and only a minor set back. I have not been eating the best and have only been staying active through softball and not doing much extra work on my own. I think once I get into a routine again that will help a lot! My self control and self-discipline need to be worked on. I’m a sucker for cravings and usually give into them. It’s hard when friends what to meet up and go out to eat or to have some drinks. I know it won’t kill me if I have some bad food here and there but I need to remember to that it’s okay in moderation.

Softball is starting soon, which means traveling and eating on to go. That usually means eating fast food. After the games or on the bus, we always think that we’re starving so then we take advantage and pig out. My coach likes to go to Dairy Queen and Wendy’s so that never helps.

I hope to make a change here soon. I know it’s going to take a lot of training and determination. I have to just buckle down and believe in myself. I will continue to try and improve each week. Like I said I hope when I get back into a routine it will help a lot. It means I won’t be eating out and having drinks, but it does mean I will be eating on the road. I just need to make better choices at the places we go. I have learned so much about myself and even what it takes so far that I’m interested to see what it will be like when I do a better job. Like I said this wasn’t my best week for my project, but I still have a number of weeks to keep learning.


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  1. Taylor,

    It will all come with due time–I know that at times it is so incredibly hard to resist those cravings. A couple years ago, I learned how to resist them by always carrying water and gum with me. Every time I wanted to give in to a craving I would just continue sipping water and throw in a piece of gum. It’s very hard the first few times you give it a go, but it eventually starts working because your brain is saying that you don’t need the craving because you have your gum. I don’t know if this is something that would help you out with that struggle but figured I would share what worked for me!!

    Keep working hard!!! It’ll all get better with a mind over matter mentality!!


    1. I do drink a lot of water. I actually have been trying to drink 8 oz before I eat so then I am already filling full. I really appreciate the suggestion and I will give it a try! Isn’t the brain and body a crazy thing. Even when I’m not hungry my brain likes to tell me to still eat. But honestly I really appreciate your comment and motivation!


  2. ataft4482 says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from on time. It is so hard to fit one more thing into your schedule sometimes without feeling so overloaded. Especially as a student athlete. I can also relate with the craziness of bus life. We will also be one the road soon, our fist big trip is Texas in mid February. Eating fast food all the time certainly makes it hard to commit to healthy eating. Just keep working hard you will get there.


    1. It makes it harder that’s for sure. I have looked at menus and nutrition labels for the popular places we go so I can still eat there, just make better choices in the end. I need to remember even if it’s not the food I want, as long as it takes decent and it provides the nutrition and full filling then I’ll be okay.


  3. Taylor,
    We have all been where you have been! It is so easy to get out of your routine and then extremely hard to get back in it! I know how you are feeling! The beginning of this week I had a two day snow day where I did nothing but, well, NOTHING! It took a lot of motivation to get back to my routine once the snow days were over, but once I got back in, it was a piece of cake! Good Luck!


    1. Isn’t it crazy how routines seem so necessary! It’s been quite the journey so far but I ho to continue to improve.


  4. morgan13hays says:

    I am sorry to hear that you had a set back with your ILP this week. I wish you the best of luck getting back on track with your goal. I understand how that goes, getting busy or slammed with a lot of homework and that can really through a wrench in your plans. Again, best of luck! Looking forward to reading your updates!


    1. I guess I can only go up from here! Thank you for the comments and support!


  5. Taylor, I hope you get back on track soon. It’s hard not being in a routine. Good luck!


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