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This week went a lot better for my Independent Learning Project. It was honestly sort of shocking that it went so well. It was the first week that we traveled for softball. We left on Tuesday so it was a long week and weekend with a scattered scheduled. Between the games and traveling, the eating choices are not the healthiest that we end up eating. For convenience, it’s so much easier to get fast food or something like. We travel with 22 girls, 3 coaches, and 1 trainer, so it’s nice going to places that can serve us quickly and isn’t crazy expensive (mostly fast food). Then when we finally go to a restaurant, the last  thing I want to do is get a salad because it’s better than eating fast food.

The places that we ate this week and weekend were, Panda Express, Subway, Jimmy Johns, Chik-Fil-A, Cracker Barrel, Wendy’s, and well you get the idea. See why it’s been so hard. But like I said above, I did pretty good. Even though they were the best places for healthy options, I still picked better foods than I normally would. Some places there wasn’t much of a choice so I just had to deal with it. At Wendy’s they have a pretty good chicken Caesar salad so that was a pleasant surprise. Besides the bread at Subway and Jimmy Johns it’s not terrible. Jimmy Johns also have Unwiches, which are like lettuce wraps.

As for the exercising part there wasn’t much going on besides the softball aspect of the trip. Yes that is probably enough and tiring, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough. There isn’t a lot of extra time to exercise when we are traveling or playing. We have two games a day and are usually at the field about two hours before the game starts. Besides that I also rolled my ankle during the last inning of the last game. I will be doing a lot of treatment for it considering we leave again on Thursday. I probably won’t be doing much running and not the same weight lifting we do until next weekend when we play. This week went a lot better then last. For this week I will be researching some great alternatives to unhealthy foods and to also see what snacks are the best for traveling and what not.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, Taylor! I’m sorry to hear about your ankle and I sure hope it heals up quickly. I golf so I know how hard it is to eat healthy when traveling. Granted our two sports are extremely different from one another! Your idea of researching healthier snacks and alternative food options is awesome! I look forward to reading your next blog to piggy back some ideas off of you. I also find it odd that as athletes we are supposed to be healthy, yet we do eat fast food 95% of the time we travel. I can’t think of a fix to the issue though, with the time constraints and budgets. Do you have any ideas?


    1. It happens, but thank you! You are so right. Sometimes it drives me nuts because they always tell us to be watching what we eat but they don’t give us opportunities to make that happen. I hope they help and if you have an suggestions feel free to share! Unfortunately, not really. The best that I have some up with is just picking better options at fast food places. I usually pull up the menu and look at their nutrition labels for some of their foods.


  2. Taylor,
    You are such a busy gal! I am sure it is hard to not get unhealthy food while traveling so much and wanting to eat quickly! Getting out of the unhealthy foods stage is so hard! But it always feels so good to get into the healthy eating stage! Good Luck!


    1. Yes it is hard! But I’m working on it. Yeah my body loves me a lot more when I eat better that’s for sure. Thank you!

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  3. I do this same thing at fast food restaurants. I take my son as a treat after he has a tutoring session each week that isn’t exactly his favorite thing. And I’m always telling myself to get a salad or yogurt or something healthy, but instead I always end up with the burger and fries. It’s definitely ironic that as student athletes you’re told to eat healthy and then you go to all those fast food places! But I definitely understand the need for speed and cheap!


    1. I’m sure he looks forward to it! At the time it just seems so much more appetizing. I need to remember that they both will fill me up the same either way, one is just way healthier for you. Another girl commented and said the same thing! We’re told to eat healthy but then not being in the best situations to do so. Speed and cheap is what everyone is about these days!


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