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I decided to embed my tweet about the article that I found because I found some interesting information from it. Most of the information I’m about the share with you on this post is from this article and I figured it would be convenient to just click on the link from the tweet to go to it.

Personal Learning Networks are a group of people, or organizations that you connect with in order to learn from their ideas, questions, their reflections, and their interactions.

I enjoy this site because it shares what a PNL is, why to create one, how to get there, and even steps for personal blogging.

The site breaks it down into the three parts, Personal, Learning, and Network. The personal part is making connections with many teachers, experts, professors, and administrators. It’s personal because you choose who you want to follow and what you want to see. You can communicate and also share your comments. Technology is a great place to use these resources and make these connections. Being online allows you to have communication and help from people all over the nation and world. The learning part is where you use these resources to collaborate and share information. According to this site,  its the best professional you can use because it is available 24/7. The network part is pretty self-explanatory, it’s the network where the personal learning takes place. Just like we are doing for class, it even has you do some exploring, blogging, and commenting of your own if you’d like.

Having a PLN is a great, easy, and FREE way to become a better educator. There are so many different accounts and blogs out there that can help with different topics in education or just education in general. Pinterest is even an example for a PNL. It may not be as good for commenting as blogs or Twitter, but it is still a way to share ideas and help people create new ideas. Twitter is a good example for a PNL and there is a lot of people that use it for just that exactly. Twitter is nice because you don’t necessarily have to comment back and forth to tweets but can favorite or retweet to look at later.

To create my PNL I starting searching for general followers of education. After I found some that I liked I went more specific such as elementary education. When looking for organizations on Twitter, they put a little check mark or something next to the account so you know it’s authentic. For me, I have to read through some of their posts to make sure it’s something or someone I want to follow, and other times I just think it might be interesting so I follow them anyway.


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  1. morgan13hays says:

    Great post! I really like how you mentioned that personal learning networks are the best professionals you can use because you can access them 24/7. It is so true and technology is a great to use in cases like this. I also chose to create my personal learning network around education. I wanted to be able to find a lot of great resources to use in my classroom.


    1. That’s if you have decent wifi! Ha. I already have found so much that I look forward to using in my future classroom. Hopefully you do too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great idea to read through some of the tweets to be sure you want to follow. I sometimes like to go through and unfollow people who are cluttering my Twitter feed with stuff that isn’t useful for me. Good point about Pinterest–I really need to use that site more!


    1. Pinterest is great for personal and professional needs! I have been following quite a bit of education accounts but some I just don’t like. I enjoy the links that they share but sometimes that is all they tweet. I sometimes like when it’s short and to the point.


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