More Traveling, More Learning

Well, here we are again.. just like the title more traveling and more learning! The pictures above seem to sum up the weekend quite well. Since we’re still in preseason, we have more time, which means not always eating at fast food and unhealthy places. We got to eat at a couple different restaurants, such as, Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili’s.

When our parents travel to come watch, our coach allows us to go eat with them instead of eating with the team. Even though my mom did not travel this weekend, I still got to go with another teammates mom for dinner. We ended up going to on the border , which was a better choice then what the team was eating, pizza. I really wanted to eat everything unhealthy, but I ended up getting chicken fajitas without tortillas and black beans on the side.

As for other eating options, when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, I did better than I thought I would! Instead of getting wings and fries like I normally would, I got one of their salads. They actually have really good salads. I think part of the reason is because they put so much chicken on it. When I was done eating it, I still have extra chicken. Just like I did in Florida, I got a chicken Caesar salad at Wendy’s.

As for the exercise part, it’s not really possible to do extra things outside of playing games. We would leave hotel early in the morning, play games during the day, and then by the time we are done it was time for dinner. After dinner we go back to the hotel, shower, most likely do homework, then we go to bed because we wake up and do the same thing the next day. Playing all day definitely wears on your body. Even though it’s a pretty stationary sport, I am so sore after I play. It will be nice once we start conference games next week because we don’t leave as early in the week which means I can try and do extra exercises if I’m not busy trying to get my homework done before we get on the road. Other than that, I’m not seeing much results, but it’s nice eating better.


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  1. Sports definitely help you achieve your workout goals! It’s SO hard to make healthy choices when you have no choice but to eat out. I always get really self conscious about it, like “is this really even that healthy of a choice?” even when I order salads. Sounds like your doing an awesome job though, picking out your choices, chicken is always much better then beef! Keep up the good work!


    1. I know then it gets so bad because when I’m home the last thing I want to do is make food. We have a lot of chicken at my house for that reason! Yeah sometimes I question “healthy choices” at fast food places.

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  2. Great job, that you are watching what you eat even when you are out of town and busy with sports. But that at least helps with the idea of exercising!


    1. Hopefully when life slows down a bit I can get more exercising in on my own!


  3. Nice work this week! I’m glad you found some delicious salads. I hadn’t thought about parents traveling to watch. Does your mom get to travel to see you very often?


    1. She gets to come watch us play in Denver this weekend! She is a teacher, so she doesn’t get a lot of days off but she still gets up with it all.


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