Experience It.


Lately as I continue on my journey through my Independent Learning Project, I feel like I have been doing way more experiencing, than I have researching. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a bad thing, because I am still learning in a different way. It’s interesting that it happened this way this week because it is similar to part of my post about Project Based Learning. For those of you that didn’t read that post, I said something along the lines of sometimes learning is done when actually doing the task rather than just being told how to do it. That’s how i felt with jobs anyway. So maybe this week isn’t as bad as I thought after all, there is a method behind the madness.

Another positive to this week, is I have been practicing what I have previously researched. I made some very delicious banana muffins that taste just like banana but are way healthier! Pinterest seems to be my go to for a lot of things that I’m looking for. My mom and my sister came to Denver to watch me play this weekend so I got to eat dinner with them a couple nights. This means that I didn’t have to eat with the team so could pick a place that we wanted to go. We went to Hacienda Colorado, which is a delicious Mexican place. Even I probably ate more than I should’ve have, it still wasn’t too terrible. The good thing about traveling and playing I usually drink a good amount of water each day. During the week I have been starting to ride the bike in the cardio room a little bit because I still am not supposed to do a lot of running because of my ankle.

My mom snuck some girl scout cookies in my bag when I wasn’t looking this weekend. But They only have a couple missing from the box, which is crazy because you all know about half the box would be eaten by now!



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  1. Taylor,
    I love Hacienda Colorado! It is a fabulous Mexican restaurant. My family and I always try to swing by there if we are in the Denver area! I am so glad you are experiencing your project instead of just reading about it. I know these last few weeks have been hard on me since all I have been doing is reading about it and not experiencing it. Great post over all and keep up the good work!!


    1. It is yummy! You’ll get it! Sometimes, especially with your topic, it takes more reading and researching for awhile!


  2. angelique130 says:

    When you mentioned more experiencing then researching I realized I am doing the same exact thing. I feel as thought I definitely learn more when I am experiencing rather than just reading and watching. Keep up the good work! You’re doing great!


    1. We should keep that in mind when we go to teach! I’m sure some students learn the same!


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