Late Night Thoughts


This has been another weekend on the road for me. As I’m  typing, I’m still sitting on the bus. I was way too tired last night and Friday night to work on this post. The tiger in the picture above is a pretty good description of how I’ve been feeling, just want to roll over and go to bed! I am now regretting it because I get very car sick, so this post is being done with a lot of breaks and a lot longer than others. This weekend we went to Grand Junction, which for those that don’t know is about 9-10 hours. Since we are trying to get from point A to point B as fast as we can, we’re all about convenience. Because we are trying to get there as fast as we can with as little stops, we  stay on the bus for quite a long time, if not almost the whole trip. Even when we stop, it is very short, just like a 7th inning stretch.

This week I started to just wear a brace on my ankle, which means more mobility for me! I had mentioned something about more exercising as it is healing. I got to do more cardio and non-pounding activities to work on strength and motion. I also got to start conditioning with the team at the end of practice again! Who would’ve thought I would be so excited about running? After sitting on this dang bus for 9 hours now I am happy I did that stuff during the week.

Everything that I am researching (mostly Pinteresting), I am trying to apply each week, or at least attempt one thing a week. This week it was doing some exercises that were more stationary but still a great workout. Our coach gets us Oreos and milk every weekend we are away, talk about practicing good self control! You all know what I am talking about when you say no to Oreos. This little achievement of saying “no” went a long way. After playing all day and then just hanging out the hotel, why not have a little bedtime snack? Nope not for this girl!

I’m sure when I go to read this tomorrow I will realize how sleep deprived I am and remember to not do my homework on the bus again. Good news is we play at home this week coming up! So if you guys aren’t headed anywhere for spring break, come to the games!


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  1. ataft4482 says:

    Grand Junction, I know it well. I used to live there. I completely relate to your tiredness and life on the bus. Being a student athlete is no joke. I am not on the athlete side of things but, as part of the coaching staff I am still keeping the same hours a bus schedule. Last year our two teams faced each other, I assume they will this season as well just not sure when. Great self control on the Oreos, keep it up.


  2. Kudos to you though for still doing your homework when tired! Oreo’s are the best and should’t say no to those 😉 Get some rest and good luck to you the rest of the year!


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