Who Said Pausing is a Bad Thing?


Coming into this class, I didn’t really have any expectations. I never try and guess what each class will be like because they are all completely different even when it’s the same instructor. Each course requires something different and needs to be taught different from others.

So far, I’m extremely pleased with how the class is going. It’s nice knowing the same type of outline for each week. Even though we’re being told what to do every week, there has been a lot of exploring on my own though the ILP but also just during the other readings and viewings. I have appreciated all of the very helpful resources and ideas I have learned from what is given and also from everyone else through blogs and tweets.

My favorite module was Module 3: Choose Your Own Education. I liked that one because it was the one that included all of the TED Talk videos. I am a visual learner, but I would much rather listen and watch someone talk then read information on a computer screen. The videos were so much more interesting to me and much easier to follow. I like TED Talks because there are so many great talks made for different topics and made by a lot of different people.

I think the most challenging module for me will be the Daily Create Challenge. I bet I will learn a lot from it and enhance my technology skills, but I just think I will have a hard time remembering to do it everyday for 30 consecutive days. I had a problem with it when I was just previewing it one  time. It’s pretty open ended but I think it will be fun to use once I figure it all out.

The rest of the semester will be as interesting if not more, but this also may mean it will be more frustrating. I think more challenging tasks will be in the future, but I think that will be great to learn about more technology and how to use other programs. I also expect more great resources to be presented to us. I’m excited to keep learning with the modules and hear from everyone else through their blogs and tweets.


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  1. Totally agree that the rest of the semester will have more challenging tasks and valuable resources for future use. Personally I have had a hard time managing time with doing the independent project and now ds106, but I’ll get it.


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