Digital Citizenship

i-am-a-digital-citizen-posterI learned that Digital Citizenship entails way more than I thought it did. One of the sites I found was that it is the guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior when using technology. One of the phrases another resource used was it is using good “netiquette.” There are nine elements that are included in Digital Citizenship. They are Digital Access, Digital Commerce, Digital Communication, Digital Literacy, Digital Etiquette, Digital Law, Digital Rights & Responsibilities, Digital Health & Wellness, and Digital Security. I think the most important is the Digital Security and learning how to do self-protection. This is using precaution to guarantee safety. Here is the link that describes the nine elements in detail. Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

Growing up in a technology advanced world, digital citizenship has been a big issue. Even before I graduated high school it became a big deal. We would always get told to check our social media accounts to make sure everything was appropriate if colleges looked at it. As I’ve been growing up, and pursuing my degree in education that isn’t going away either. It’s even more important now than it was back then. Employers will be looking at any social media accounts that they can get their hands on, which seems to be most of them even with the privacy settings active. Like we’ve all been taught, and I’m sure have learned through experience, everything is permanent once it is on the internet.

I think it is important that as a future teacher I use some of the tips  I learned to help make the future technology users aware of digital citizenship and how important it really is. We teach them to be good citizens in our society, so I think it is important that we teach them to be good citizens online as well. When teaching those nine elements of Digital Citizenship, it’s important to relate all of these into real life situations and to relate it to being a good citizen in society. Hopefully this will help eliminate some of the cyberbullying that takes place. They can be one person online and different person in person. Kids need to know that they should only post stuff that they would feel comfortable with their grandma, employers, and what not to see it.

After Googling myself, I found out there are a lot of Taylor Bauer’s out there! Some Facebook Profiles showed up, but the ones that matched me were mostly newspaper articles and links to Chadron State Softball. There was no pictures of me that showed up at the top images. I think if anyone Googled me, they would have to know some further information about me to narrow down which Taylor Bauer it is.



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  1. I really enjoyed this blog post Taylor. I especially liked the image you had at the beginning. I think it is important to teach Digital Citizenship at a young age due to the influx of technology use and that image was very helpful in describing Digital Citizenship to a younger audience. Do you feel as we get older it will be harder or easier to maintain a positive Digital Citizenship? I personally think it will be easier due to the lesser use of social media!


    1. I think I would agree that it gets easier as we get older. Hopefully by then we mature and know what is appropriate and what isn’t!


  2. angelique130 says:

    Good blog, Taylor! I think that digital citizenship is important and learning the proper “netiquette” is important!


    1. Especially at a young age!


  3. Nice post, Taylor! I really like your idea of relating those nine elements of Digital Citizenship to real life situations. Especially at an early age, this would make it so much more applicable and easier to understand for younger students.


    1. I think the connection would be easier for the students to understand. Glad you agree.

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