Digital Activism

Technology and digital programs are used in many different ways. One of those ways is to share ideas in many different forms. Activists have advanced this idea to share their thoughts and their opinions on certain issues. The New Face of Teen Activism stated that two in five adults engaged in social media issues online. This means that participating and spreading the word online seems to be more effective than standing outside with signs to protest. Another benefit to “protesting” online is that there are no limits to who can participate, whereas if it is a physical protest, it is for people that are in that area. A message online can spread within seconds on the internet. Even if you protest physically, someone is bound to take a picture or a video of it and it will be all over the internet.

Just like any digital interaction, there are precautions that should be taken and consequences that will arise. Many could agree with you, but there are people that will not agree with you and won’t be afraid to tell you. One of the examples the article gave was an activist for a feminist account was receiving rape and death threats. To me, that is scary and so severe that it would keep me from being too adamant  about my opinion. I’m sure I have participated in digital activism, just not to the extent of these examples.

I really like this quote from My kids, a cause, and our classroom blog, “Technology gives kids power that people their age have never had. Let’s help them use it wisely.” Just like any digital use, it is great when it is not abuse, same goes with digital activism. These students are doing great things, like raising awareness for important issues, not so much controversial issues, not saying that those are not important too.

The teen activist account that I chose is doing the same thing. The account I chose wasThe Help Hotline. It was created by a 16 year old girl who is still in recovery and wants to help others that are struggling. I chose this because it is an account that helps others who are having suicidal thoughts, depression, eating disorders, and any type of self harm. This interested me because I have lost a lot of loved ones because of this and others that have tried. This is a serious issue and it’s awesome seeing teens doing something to help. There are older people that do but young people are the majority that struggle and have considered suicide along with these other problems that she helps with. She simply just tweets inspirational quotes, pictures, and whatever else she thinks might help. It’s amazing how something little, like one of these tweets, could save someone’s life.


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