Decluttering Internet=Decluttering Life??

I put a question mark at the end of my post because I think it is a personal opinion when it comes to that question. Yes, I agree with what the Simplifying the Internet article and the TED Talk video had to say. The internet could be very bad if you let it consume your life. On the other hand I think that we can learn so much by it even if it’s on social media. I’m going to use this class as an example, we learned how to expand our Personal Learning Networks through social media such as Twitter and blogs. The most important thing is to use the Internet for “good.” I think it becomes an issue when all of your attention and focus is on the Internet or programs that the it contains. I do use the internet probably more than I should, but I bet you I learn at least one new thing a day because of it. The biggest thing to remember is using certain programs or sites at appropriate times. I know when I am with my family or at the dinner table it is not the time to be on my phone or computer.

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Like the picture above, this becomes a problem for a lot of people, even if they don’t think so. I feel like I am one of those people. Oops. What I have learned is that all of these sites and online tools can be so beneficial to me, especially being in the education field. There are so many tools that can be used and shared with my students. In the article, he says that you should not be on Pinterest and to cut it out. I not only find many great ideas for my personal life, but a whole plethora of ideas about education and me as a future teacher, or for my future classroom. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that could probably not cut Internet out of my life for a year. That sounds really bad but I use it everyday and it benefits me in many ways! I think what I could work on is limiting my social media accounts, how often I am on them, and only at appropriate times. This site explains some of the pros and cons of Internet. Pros & Cons of Internet


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  1. I thought that you had some great insights!! I agree that the internet has some great aspects–as I said on my twitter, I wouldn’t be finishing school without the internet. I also liked how you mentioned that you have realized there are appropriate times to use specific sites–and I think this is where it gets so murky for some people. We’ve lost sight of the importance of life experience and confused it with the life we live online. It’s all about balance!!
    Thanks for the great post!!


    1. Balance is a great way to put it! Thank you for your thoughts.


  2. ataft4482 says:

    You bring up some great points. I too use Pinterest to help build information and ideas for when I am in my future classroom. To me education is a lot about learning from those before us and our peers. The internet provides a great outlet for that. I agree that we may need to take a step back and reflect from time to time on what we are spending our online hours on and are the beneficial?


    1. There are so many awesome things on Pinterest. I think that is a good point is to reflect on what is beneficial for us.


  3. morgan13hays says:

    Great post! I agree that not all internet use is bad. Nowadays there are so many educational websites and apps that teachers and parents use to help their children learn. I agree that there is an appropriate time to use technology and there are times where it is inappropriate. It is all about finding that balance between being connected and not.


    1. We just need to pick and chose what will work for us. Technology is growing tremendously and as teachers we will use it and have to teach our students how to as well.


  4. Great points to consider. We all have to learn what we are using the internet for and the benefits it provides us without over using it. I find myself going through old accounts to shut them down if it’s not used regularly. Time and a place for everything.


    1. I have done that a lot recently as well. I think there are more accounts and different programs that I could get rid of because they’re aren’t as beneficial for me anymore.


  5. Great thoughts! I feel like our world has become demanding of internet. Like, you literally have to have internet to live. In jobs, they expect you to have an email, or social media account to get in quick contact of you. School, you must have internet at home, because most of your classes are online, if not partially. You must have an email directed to your phone for school, just in case it’s something really important. You better have a blog account or a Twitter, because you’ll be expected to as a teacher. All of these MUST’S make a huge different in our need, we have become completely reliant on it, and that doesn’t help with the addiction. Also, the fact that we are teaching our youth to use it for pretty much everything,


    1. I agree. It has become a huge part of our everyday life, whether it is for our jobs, school, or personal lives. I really appreciate having my email through my phone so I know when class is cancelled before I get there. 🙂


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