Attention Log


Observing my attention while I was online was very interesting and quite eye opening. I know each was a minimum of 15 minutes but when I am on the web it is usually for hours. I wanted to focus more when I am doing homework, not so much looking through social media. I did still observe a couple times when I was scrolling through social media but didn’t make an entry for it.

When I was scrolling through social media there was so many things running through my head from all the information being presented to me, but it wasn’t not the same type of things running through my head while doing homework. So many connections would be made when I look through social media. I look at a picture, status, or tweet about someone and I then relate it to a recent story, the last thing I heard about them, or the last time I saw them. Some of my feelings during this was annoyed, happy, humorous, or confused.

When I would be doing homework, there always seemed to be so crazy I guess would be the word to use. I never paid attention to how I was sitting or breathing, I was always just so focused on doing my homework or focused on whatever task I was doing. These sessions usually last a lot longer because I always seem to try and get as much homework done as I can in hours instead of taking smaller sessions and spreading it out. This past week I seemed to push everything off until the last day possible. I got everything done, but I was so stressed while I was doing it all. I would be doing one assignment and my mind would be thinking about all the other things that I had to do. I usually do my homework in the library because when I am at home I cannot concentrate. I think of all the other things I could do around the house or of course watching Netflix.One of the sessions that did not work coming to the library was on Scholastic Day because they had putt putt golf for the high school students when they were on a break from testing. There was a hole right by my computer..

I really enjoyed this activity and all of the observations that I will take into consideration when I am doing my homework next time.



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  1. When you have the choice do you like doing your homework in long sessions or in short spurts throughout the week? I know there is a huge difference in what a person prefers and what they end up doing. I personally like the short spurts, but with golf and laziness I find myself having to rep it all out at once. Do you look at your social media on a computer or your phone? I seem to think it is okay to look on my phone, like I’m taking a “break” so it doesn’t count. I haven’t looked at social media on a computer in a long time and I guess it is good I don’t have that as an added distraction on a physical computer.


    1. I think I would have to agree with you, I would like to do it in short spurt but life gets in the way as well. I mostly look at social media on my phone but when I am looking at our tweets for the class I do it on the computer.


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