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I have used Canva before, this semester actually. I have made five different presentations using this tech tool. At first, it took me a little bit to figure out because there are so many tools within it to be used. They have previously made themes, text boxes, and fonts. I like it thought because you can chose those previously made tools but then tweak it and make it how you want to. Here is the link to my designs.

I have not used Piktochart before so I decided to use that for my tech tool for my Independent Learning Project. The thing I like about both of these tools, is that they have different types of presentations to use. They have a presentation theme, poster, Facebook cover, Facebook post, report, and infographic. I chose a poster for my Independent Learning Project. There could be negative feedback about these types of templates, because they are already set up for a certain topic or subject. If you are trying to create something that is already created makes it much easier, but sometimes it is hard to change those preset templates. In positive, you can put whatever you want to say in there and if you can’t think of what you want, you can try and twist the words that are already in the preset templates.

Here is my poster that I created. I know it is really simple, but that’s what I liked about the poster. I think it gets the point across without having to do a whole presentation with a number of slides.

Independent Learning Project Poster

I would like to use both of these presentation tools to use to present information to my students. I hope to be teaching around second or third grade. If I were to be teaching older students, I would like for them to try and create one of their own. I would have them start with posters or something less complicated. Using these would draw attention for the students and make them more interested in the information on the presentation. I think if there is too much going on with the presentation it will draw the attention away from the important information.


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  1. I thought your poster looked great Taylor! I hadn’t ever heard of Canva or Piktochart, but they seem to be very helpful in designing a specific image for the face of a project. I also liked how you incorporated examples of previous Canva’s that you made. Do you like Canva or Piktochart better?


    1. We have to use a presentation tool every week and I usually use Canva or Emaze. I think they are both great tools and pretty similar, but I’m used to Canva so I have to go with that!


  2. morgan13hays says:

    Great post!!! Your poster is very colorful and easy to read. I used Canva for the first time when I did this project and I liked it a lot. I did not know though that they had so many templates and options on the site. Now that I have read other peoples posts about Piktochart I will have to try it again.


    1. I’m not very creative so I love all of the templates and different fonts they have. I think I have become more creative by using it because it gives me ideas to use with all of the templates they have.


  3. Great poster. I love the fact there are so many templates to choose from and then add personal aspects to it as necessary.


    1. I agree, it was a little overwhelming, but extremely useful!


  4. ataft4482 says:

    Thank you for posting all the canva links, I have been looking for a new technology to use when submitting my online classwork. So, it was nice to see that one in action. Good job on your pictochart. I decided to use a blank one so I could create it from scratch. I do not see myself using it in the classroom though.


    1. They are very easy to use, and it’s nice to not have the same boring PowerPoint. Thank you!

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  5. Great poster! I also did this type of graphic visual and I thought it was pretty easy to understand and do!


    1. It was simple! I think it could be effective to share information to students, but it would be even better for the older students to create their own.

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  6. Great poster! It’s super attractive. I like what you said about the preset templates, it makes things so much easier and quicker to accomplish.


    1. Thank you! I like them too.


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