Not a Goodbye, but a See Ya Later


I think the title and image are very fitting to wrapping up my Independent Learning Project. My Independent Learning Project was to focus on health and fitness, mainly on the road when I am traveling for softball. Even though my season is coming to an end after this week, it doesn’t mean that I am going to stop learning pursuing to practice my Independent Learning Project. I will be tweaking how I continue this process a little. I will not be traveling as much, but still focusing on staying in my routines, especially on the weekends. In the summer I work for a day camp through the parks and rec, and we have to pack our own lunch everyday. Because we eat with the kids and we are in charge, it is so easy to just want to go buy something at a fast food place or not. I want to focus on preparing my meals ahead of time because then it will be convenient and if I packed it, I know I’ll bring it.

I’ve learned so much through this simple, yet very rewarding adventure. If I was teaching older students, I would love to let them do something like this because it is personal driven. Not only have I learned more about my topic, but also about myself. I realized I am much stronger than I thought I was and can have more discipline than I thought as well. I would say sometimes it was trial and error, but it benefited for good in the end. The best part about my project was that I know can continue to work on it in my everyday life and other situations that aren’t necessarily related to educational purposes. It wasn’t that hard to work on throughout the weeks, but it was hard to have success sometimes.

When I become a teacher, I think there is a different use for my Independent Learning Project in my classroom. Not only can I use it for personal reasons but also work on it with my students. I would love to use independent learning projects in my classroom. The best part it can be modified to fit any age or grade level. Students would have fun learning about something that interests them and something that they picked to learn about it. There are ways that could cause issues and there will be setbacks. I think it would take some practice when using it with younger grades.What I’ve learn is that there are so many things that students want to learn about, they just don’t get the opportunity to. Even though we all picked something different to explore, I’m sure we all learned something about the topic itself and ourselves.


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