Innovative Educators


I like the quote from The Mindset of an Innovator  is, “I am an innovative educator and I will continue to ask “what is best for learners.”

To me, this quote is so fitting for us that are going into the field of education. Our main priority is our students. It says that we are trying to find what is best for our learners while looking for new ideas to help that cause. In the article it also says that you will use technology to find new, creative ways to share thinking and to promote learning.

Personally I have developed so many different skills in resources in this semester that I hope I can use in my classroom, not only to present ideas but hopefully for the students use as well. I have already started to think of different ways to utilize what I have learned this semester. It has really helped me spark an interest in the digital world more than ever. I truly believe I wouldn’t be so excited to use digital technologies and resources if I wasn’t introduce to so many this semester. I have already been browsing for new programs similar to ones we’ve checked out and have experienced. It’s best to find what works best for your students and it makes it easier when you have a whole toolbox full of tools that can help them.

I like the idea of “unlearning” something. It is basically taking out any preconceived notions and creating new ones. One of the 10 things listed in The Unlearning Curve, “We need to unlearn the idea that we are the sole content experts in the classroom, because we can now connect our kids to people who know far more than we do about the material we’re teaching. – See more at:”I think this is something that is taken for granted in the classroom. If you can have someone and speak to the class that would be the best way, but technology allows you to do the same thing without having them physically there. I think I have unlearned that I already had enough technology resources to help me. I have found so many more that is just the beginning. One of the things that is mentioned in that article is to unlearn that students need to be taught to learn at the same pace. They make a good point, why students like game where you can progress at their own pace.


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  1. For me, unlearning being the expert has been both a huge challenge and one of the best things I’ve done for my teaching. I constantly invite students to do things that I don’t actually know how to do myself or to learn about topics that I’m not an expert on. I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy teaching most when I’m learning something new too. I’m lucky to be at Chadron, where I do have the opportunity to develop new courses frequently and keep learning!


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